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Dirty Dick, Paris, France

10 rue Frochot 75009 Paris

+33 1 48 78 74 58
Hours: 6:00PM – 2:00AM daily


On a recent trip to France, I landed in the City of Lights. Paris is mostly known for great wine, fantastic cuisine, fashion and unbelievable works of art. I figured while I was passing through, I’d search for a tiki bar. Low and behold I found one that had been established only a few years earlier. Located in the adult district and within walking distance of the world famous Moulin Rouge is Dirty Dick.



Okay, lets talk about the elephant in the room. I studied French and I’m pretty sure that’s not the way Dirty Dick is spelled in the French language!


Dirty Dick is fairly new to the tiki scene but the name has been around for awhile. Dirty Dick originally opened in the red light adult district of Paris in 1936. Being located in the adult district, Dirty Dick originally started out as a sex club owned by the Corsican mafia. Today the neighborhood has changed. The hotel that I stayed at was a few blocks away, walking distance. The neighboring streets were filled with restaurants packed with young hip professionals having dinner, drinking and just plain ol socializing. There are now luxury hotels located near Dirty Dick.

Paris isn’t exactly one of the locations one would think of when they think of tiki bars. So not knowing what to expect when I walked in left me somewhat surprised.





The vibe immediately leaves the streets of Paris outside and transforms your train of thought to a classic tiki bar from the 60’s. Low lighting and classic 60’s tunes fill the room welcoming guests to tiki escapism. One begins to wonder how a tiki bar this far away from the states could have been done up this authentically.


As it turns out the owner Scott Schuder hails from the Republic of California. Scott has a background in bartending and got his first taste of a tiki bar and the escapism from Frankies Tiki Room in Las Vegas.


Dirty Dick doesn’t have a food menu. Betta grab a bite from one of the many eateries in the neighborhood before hitting this place.


I was impressed that Dirty Dick paid homage to three of the best cocktail mixologists that helped start the tiki movement.

0719172113aThis is a menu that’ll help you forget where you’re at and help you get to the state of mind of where you wanna be. Everything from well known favorites like Zombies and Mai Tai’s to signature creations such as Hat’s off to Berry as in Beachbum Berry and yes they had Punch bowls.


They also serve bottled beer and beer on tap.


There was plenty of rum choices available to create all kinds of concoctions. What impressed me the most was that there were no premixed bottled syrups behind the bar. That’s because the Dirty Dick staff makes there own fruit juices, mixers and garnishes from fresh fruits that are delivered daily. BOOYAH!!! Or should I have said VIOLA!!!


We kicked the party off with a Hats off to Berry and a Calavera Climax.

Hats off to Berry  was tribute to Beachbum Berry, one of the greats pictured above. It had a mixture of 5 rums, laced with red fruits and sour botanicals. According to the menu it would have you dreaming of days of old. All the drinks on the menu had skulls at the bottom after each  to signify it’s potency. This one had 3 skulls.

The description for the Calavera Climax was as such. Before Trump finishes his wall, this fizzy Mezcal beverage comes crossing the border of your tongue with the help from his friends from Europe. “Make America Great Again”.

Instead of using rum it was only appropriate to go with tequila from South of the border in this concoction. Sorry folks, no little worms to swallow. There’s a joke in there somewhere. And if ya didn’t already know, calavera is a representation of a human skull. The term is most often applied to decorative or edible skulls made from either sugar or clay which are used in the Mexican celebration Day of the Dead and Catholic holiday All Souls Day. I seem to be rambling already so it must be strong. By the way, it was rated 4 skulls or is that calavera’s?

Next up was the Scorpion Bowl. The bowl is brought to your table, 151 rum is poured into the bowl and then set on fire.


Cinnamon is sprinkled into the burning flames to erupt this volcano of a drink.


A blended mixture of cognac, gin, rum and exotic juices diminishes the flames and the tiki gods invite you to indulge in an island celebration.


One of the busy bartenders just finished creating a ” She Sales Sea Shells” for group of patrons in the bar.


It was HUGE and served about 8. As you can also tell by the pics the bar staff don’t scrimp on the garnishes. It was rated 4 skulls. Maori sea god Tangora would’ve been proud.


The bar filled up pretty quick and as patrons eventually departed for the rest of their evening on the town more patrons quickly filled their spots. The place stayed full all night.




We had no plans to hit the town because we had searched for this tiki bar to find out what it was about. With that being said we continued our obis with Pain Killer and Monkey Seed Monkey Screwed.


Anyone familiar with Pain Killers knows these tropical tasting creations are delicious.  It was made with rum, coconut, pineapple and orange. If just the thought of tasting this won’t rid what ever ails ya then I don’t know what will. The voodoo doctor rated this one at 3 skulls.

Ah, the Monkey Seed Monkey Screwed. Those little rascals swinging from the trees must’ve created this one. It’s created with banana, salted caramel, pineapple and whiskey. Replacing the rum with whiskey will have you swinging from the tree too! It’s even recommended on the menu that drinking this one fast can be quite risky. Rated 3 monkey skulls.

For the collectors in the crowd, Dirty Dick doess have their own tiki mug and different spin offs of it for various promotions that they do. They were sold out though when I made my way into the bar.

Dirty Dick

All in all Dirty Dick is a fantastic part of the resurgence of escapism taking place all over the globe. The owner Scott Schuder has done a fantastic job of bringing his influences to life in creating this tiki bar. The bar staff were truly amazing. As busy as they were they welcomed everyone and greeted regulars as if they were close family. The drinks were flavorful. Pardon the pun but the buzz throughout the bar was great to be apart of.


If you’re ever in the City of Lights be sure to give Dirty Dick a try.

Dirty Dick




Text: (602) 753-6504

Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 4pm to 12am

Friday & Saturday 4pm to 2am

Sunday 2pm to 10pm

Happy Hour: Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 7pm

Don’t look for a sign outside as you drive up to UnderTow because there isn’t one. What you’ll see instead is a sign for Sig coffee shop. UnderTow is located inside the Sip coffee shop on the North East corner of 36th Street and Indian School Rd. Look for a building that looks similar to a Jiffy Lube building… because it was.

The immediate view of the coffee shop from the front entrance looks like this. It will seem odd that there is a decorated outrigger hanging in the center of the shop. And being located in Arizona, like a mirage is slowly starting to appear before your eyes.



*The original hanging outrigger has been removed and replaced with a custom made canopy that takes voyagers below deck. Tropical foliage has been added to the Undertow sign.


Below the outrigger is what shivers me timbers!  This is also the view that you’ll see if entering from the rear patio and parking lot entrance. Imagine yourself about to go back in time. You are now in the 1840’s, on a sail ship about to go below to the ship’s hull.

On the left is the view at the bottom of the stairs.

As you imagine, prepare to be mesmerized by what you are about to see.

“All aboard the 19th century clipper ship with huge sails built to grab the wind for speed”.

Ladies and gentlemen, scallywags and wenches

Welome to UnderTow.

Below deck, light shining into the ship’s hull. Complete with image changing portholes.


Due to small occupancy size (30) you must go to the website and book a time to visit. I wasn’t too happy about that until I actually saw the ship’s hull. Generally guests are limited to 90 minutes. Sundays are open for walk-ins. As one of my friends stated, “90 minutes is more than enough time as the drinks are very potent”. I’ve been to UnderTow a couple of times now and have to agree that after indulging in the drinks, 90 is more than enough time to change your state of mind.

*The New Guinea mask has been removed and replaced with a custom graphic piece from Phoenix native Doug Horne. Doug grew up in the neighborhood of where the Undertow is located. This is a rendering of his take on the Undertow.


The co-founders had an architect design the interior. If you look closely at pic above, the ceiling has a slight bend such as you’d see on a ship. Some call UnderTow a speak easy, some say they like the limited seating because it lends itself to close intimate setting, while others have said that with it’s ambiance it is similar to what you’d expect from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. I agree with all the above . Not only that, but it comes complete with animatronics such as lightening flashes, complete with the sounds of cracking thunder and creaking noises you’d expect to hear from a ship that size. You almost feel like swaying side to side when you hear the creaking sounds. This is something you’d expect to see in Florida due to it’s proximity to the Caribbean. When the sound affects aren’t playing, tunes from artists such as Martin Denny fill the air.


For you scurvy dawgs with a hankerin for some vittles, the UnderTow doesn’t serve food. However, there is rumor that a small appetizer menu may be in the works.

James and Marshell Claycomb (pictured left) are frequent patrons to the hulls down below and members of Tiki AZ. As a member of the Tiki AZ facebook group in Phoenix myself, I am proud to reiterate what Melanie Wetmore, a fellow Tiki AZ group member stated. “This is the tiki bar that true tiki fans have been waiting for. The drinks are actually drinks and are exceptional, despite the price. The décor  makes you really feel like you are stowaway in the hull of a ship. The bartenders are knowledgeable and willing to talk to people who are truly interested in their craft and background”.

To the left is one of the bartenders working her magic while you enjoy your journey upon the clipper. I started of with a Zombie (pictured above). UnderTow is gaining a reputation for having strong drinks. The Zombie was no let down. After one drink, the mysterious clipper ship started to work it’s magic on me.

UnderTow has a nice selection of libations to choose from, 36 to be exact! Half the menu consists of original creations while the other half consists of classic drinks from the 50’s and 60’s. Towards the front are the creations that the two owners concocted.

The UnderTow drink menu and story: It has been updated already as the menu in the bar differs a little bit.

        I could’ve sworn that when I looked out window before we were in ship’s dock, now I’m seeing volcanic lava flow into the ocean. The clippers windows have been updated since the original writing. The owners of Undertow hired an animatronics engineer from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The windows now display a video of the Undertow departing from a dock after some of the ships occupants have performed unruly deeds while on dry land. The clipper attempts to leave port only to find that it’s quickly being chased by local authorities. A chase ensues and soon a battle erupts as the maneuvering ships exchange fire.


Hand carved octopus on the end of a rum barrel.


The UnderTow drink menu pictured left. Choose at your own risk and be prepared for the voyage ahead matey. Pictured in the middle is one of the originals, a Bridge of Two Cultures. It’s a blend of coconut infused dark rum, pineapple rum, German bitters, pineapple & lime. Oh the pirates never had it so good!

On the right is a Jaguar.  It’s made from a blend of Aged Jamaican Rum, Mente de Cognac, Orange liqueur, gin, port crème de Cacao, sparkling wine… enough explaining the ingredients!  Just taste it you scallywag!                                            







    Diana Ross must’ve ventured to Bali Hai, had one too many and sang her ass off because the the above right is named ” Ain’t no Bali Hai Enough”. This Bali Hi inspired cocktail mixes coconut cream, local cold brew, Blanche Cognac, Italian Amaro, pineapple & acid phosphate.

The spirit on the right was appropriately named “Jet Pilot”, I had already had a smooth takeoff. This drink took me to a higher altitude and it was smooth sailin from there. It is made with Gold Puerto Rican Rum, Overproof Aged Jamaican Rum, Overproof Guyana Rum, cinnamon, lime, grapefruit & UnderTow Tiki Bitters.

The UnderTow is the result of co-founders Jason Ashner and Rich Furnari. Both have impressive backgrounds in the valley’s bartending and restaurant scene. The bartenders are skilled in their craft, courteous and entertaining to watch as they create the libations for their passengers. On behalf of all who have already taken the voyage upon UnderTow and for those that have yet to board her majesty, we thank you for this fantastic voyage. You have done the service industry proud.





Tiki Bar

Viale America, 119 , Rome

Phone: (+39) 06 5422 0086

0721161657When it Rome…search for a tiki bar.

0717162103bWhile on vacation in Italy, I searched of a tiki bar, Polynesian themed restaurant or anything tiki. I knew that there were tiki bars popping up in France but hadn’t stumbled across any information on tiki establishments in Italy.

0721161656_HDRTiki Bar recently opened and appears to be a huge success! It’s not like the retro tiki bars or Polynesian eating establishments from the 1950’s and 60’s that we’ve come to expect in the United States. It seems to be more of a gastro pub!

0717162032e - Copy

0717162032b - Copy

0717162032 - CopyI must admit, that when I first came across the Tiki Bar website that I wasn’t so sure  that I wanted to visit the establishment. My first impression was that it was a fancy restaurant with only a tiki name that I would have to dress in formal attire and be ready for an expensive price tag.


0717162032cOnce there, I was glad that I didn’t follow my first instinct to not go. The interior is done in a haute design but everyone is welcome. If you’re into tiki then you know that anything tiki is hard to come by outside of the States so the lack of tiki decorations …in Rome was understandable.

Lucky for me the owner of Tiki Bar just happened to be at the restaurant when I visited. He explained that had an artist friend create the Maori art piece pictured above. The New Zealand Maori design influence was also incorporated into the ceiling decor.

0717162102a Pulling up to the actual restaurant gave a completely different vibe than what I had expected. We arrived around 6pm on a Sunday evening. Unlike most eateries in the states on a Sunday evening , this place was packed! People were dressed in casual attire with an age ranging from 20 to 70 years.

0717162105 - CopyThe patio area had flat screen TV’s streaming  adrenaline videos containing surfing, skydiving, snow skiing, mountain biking etc. This gave a kind of active sports feeling and toned down the formal dining impression portrayed on their website.

0717162031a - CopyWe were also lucky enough to arrive during happy hour. The selection consisted of pastas, baked dishes, fried dishes and finger foods. It wasn’t Polynesian but was fresh, prepared well and tasted as well as it looked. As a bonus, the food was free with the purchase of a drink.

0717162033 - Copy(Our waitress in the middle with the owner Max to the right and other wait staff were intrigued by the Tiki Magazine that I had brought).

Being that tiki is pretty much nonexistent in Italy, I decided to take a copy of Tiki Magazine  with me. My intention was to pose with the magazine in front of restaurant, take a photo, send the image to Tiki Magazine with hopes of getting it included in the coming issue. Our waitress noticed that I had a magazine with the name Tiki showing. She inquisitively kept looking to see what I had in my hand. When we were seated and I laid it down on the table she immediately asked is she could see it.

I wondered if there was anything tiki about Tiki Bar other than the name and interior design. I didn’t see any Polynesian food items on the menu so I refrained from ordering any food. The patrons seated next to me did order from the food menu. What ever they ordered had the aroma of something very delicious.

I asked our waitress for the drink menus to see if the Tiki Bar could live up to it’s name.

0717162026 - Copy

Menu with rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila and cognac liquors.

Special Tiki drinks, wines, aperitifs, non alcoholic,  sodas, beers etc.

0717162050a - CopyThere were no mai tais, scorpions nor pain killers etc. that one would come to expect. However, there was a selection of Special Tiki Drinks on the menu. Time to dive into something new, Tiki, Italian style.

First up from the drink menu were the Tiki Special and Mango Sour. Both were surprisingly very well made.

The Tiki Special translated from what I could make out is made of Bacardi Gold rum, Bacardi White rum, a slice of passion fruit, lime juice, pineapple juice and Bitter Truth Chocolate. It was a perfect mixture of all the ingredients. It tasted as if lime and pineapple juices had just been freshly picked and squeezed. I’ve had my share of syrupy tasting drinks and this put them to shame. The slice of passion fruit tasted as if the bartender had also just pulled it from the tree and sliced it.

The Mango Sour translated from what I could make out is made of Pisco Porton, mango puree, sugar syrup, lime juice and pasteurized egg white. Again this was a well blended mixture of all the ingredients. And tastefully delightful.

0717162113a - CopyNext up was the Tangerine. It was constructed of White Bacardi Rum, lime juice and tangerine syrup. One sip of this and I could of sworn that it freshly made. It had a refreshing citrusy taste of tangerine. And just as the previous two libations, it was impressively delicious! I had to look over at the bartender to see if he had a selection of fresh fruits in front of him to work from.

07171621390717162139aI had tried the Moscow Mule stateside so I was experienced in what to expect. Since we were in a tiki bar I chose to stay with the tropical flavored drinks.

The Pineapple Mule was concocted with Sky Vodka, lime juice, pineapple juice, Bitter Truth Old Tom, a fresh slice of pineapple and Fever Tree Ginger Beer. A pinch of lime wasn’t on the menu description but was included as decoration.  This was not only pleasing to the eye but tasted as well as it looked. The bartenders were consistent with creating a well blended mixture of ingredients.

The Strawberry Julep consisted of vanilla syrup, lemon juice a pinch of mint and sliced strawberry. Wow! These drinks may have been made with syrup but didn’t have a syrup taste present like many drinks that I’ve had in the past. As previously mentioned, the Strawberry Julep was pleasing to the eye had a refreshing citrus taste that exceeded expectations.

If you were on your own utopian island, sitting on the beaches edge surrounded by crystal clear waters in every direction, these are the drinks that you would want while spending your days watching brilliant sunsets!

The Tiki Bar may not be on an island nor decorated with tropical décor as one would like . It doesn’t have a menu full of Polynesian cuisine to choose from, but what it does have is an excellent selection of gastro pub food, an impressive drink menu, friendly staff and fantastic service that welcome patrons from all parts of the world!

The Tiki Bar will be expanding in October in Rome to a second location named Tiki Maki. It will be a sushi fusion and cocktail establishment.

Grazi for reading.

0717162102 - Copy



Tonga Hut

(760) 322-4449

254 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, Ca., 92262

Open Thursday-Sunday 4pm – 2am

The entrance stairs are on the south side of the building.

There are two Tonga Hut locations. The Original Tonga Hut is located in North Hollywood.



The Tonga Hut had a change in management and turned the location around. The exotic atmosphere pulls you in as soon as you walk up the stairs. The décor takes you back to the 50’s and 60’s. Classic tunes from the likes of Sinatra and island tunes from Martin Denny are streamed through the speakers welcoming patrons.


The bar décor leaves you wondering where they were able to find such decorations that were plentiful generations ago.


Terry, the bartender was friendly and competent.


Classic menu.


Clearer and more legible menu.


If it’s not being used, ask for a sneak peak into the secret room. It’s great for private gatherings with a small group of friends. There was a group of about 10 occupying the room when I visited.


I arrived too late for dinner as the kitchen had just closed so you’ll have to judge dinner for yourself. I glanced in the dining area anyway. The Maori wood mural that is visible from every table was phenomenal.

There are six dining tables. Each has a different theme on the wall that showcased previous well known eating establishments that existed in Palm Springs.



More fantastic Modernism artwork in the dining area.


Just outside of the bar is a dining patio. It too continues the fantastic decorum from times gone by.

An atlas done by artist Kirby.

Reverse view of the retro dining patio area.




The Tonga Hut also has Tiki Mugs and a few other collectible items available for sale. The are from local celebrity artist Shag.

And of course, the Tonga Hut has it’s own collector mug. On one side is the original Hollywood location at the bottom with lower case lettering. On the other side is the newer Palm Springs name at the bottom with Tonga Hut above.

More items available for sale by Shag in the display case.



Since I hit town too late to have dinner I asked Terry the bartender to hit me with something other than a mai tai. Terry served up my first ever Zombie. It was sweet, not strong as I had expected to be walking around have out of it from the name but it was good.


If you do have one too many or plan on walking like a zombie before you even get started there is a major hotel just across the street as seen from the dining patio.


Bootlegger  Tiki

(760) 318-4154

1101  N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs Ca., 92262

Open daily at 4pm

The Bootlegger is a fairly new bar in the Palm Springs scene. For the tiki historians, this is the location of the original Don the Beachcomer in Palm Springs. Although it has tiki in it’s name in addition to two tikis at the side entrance it is known as more of a speak easy bar. The Bootlegger has two entrances. You could enter through Ernest Coffee or through a side door. Since I arrived past midnight on a Sunday night, I entered through the side. To the right of the side entrance is an outdoor patio that I noticed was full.

First impressions upon entering is that this is a very small yet popular watering hole. Seating capacity is 20-30. Instead of hearing classic 60’s or a tiki music playing, there was head boppin funky grooves from the 7o’s and hip hop setting the mood.  The crowd was eclectic and feelin the vibe as I noticed bodies movin to the music.

The Bootlegger doesn’t have a kitchen but serves snacks. The Bootlegger serves the traditional Mai Kai, Blue Hawaiian and Painkiller but is known more for their own original concoctions. Expect to find such island getaways as the Pod Thai, Poison Dart and Jasper’s Jamaican to name a few. The bartender was friendly and informative.




I decided to pay tribute to the 70’s by ordering a (straw) Barry White. It was smooth and tasty. If your looking for a collector mug to snag, don’t get too excited. The Bootlegger doesn’t have any establishment mugs. Upon opening, they asked patrons to donate mugs so that they would have a variety / eclectic group of mugs to serve there drinks in. Much like the crowd.


As the spirits from your drinks start to work it’s way into your system, the funk in your ears start groovin and the tiki ambience begins to feel cozy, you begin to realize that even though it is a different eclectic mix, everything actually works together.

Tiki Ti

4427 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca. 90027

(323) 669-9381

Hours: Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm to 2am


I had heard about Tiki Ti due to the circles that I’m in regarding tiki.  I was dying to get to the place as it is a historical icon still kicking from when tiki was alive and well in the 60’s. Tiki Ti is a Polynesian themed tiki bar on Sunset Boulevard. Established in 1961 by Ray Bulen, the Tiki Ti’s only employees, Mike Sr. and Mike Jr. Buhen are also the sole owners.



It’s a cash only bar that is only open part of the week. Based on the sign on the door, they are closed on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. They don’t open for business until 4pm during the days that they are open and close ’em shut and 2am.


Despite the hours and very small size, this place is well known as an underground landmark.



The bartenders are well known for their generous pours. That’s Mike Jr. behind the bar on the left.


The Tiki Ti doesn’t serve typical bar cocktails like the martini, cosmopolitan or beer, their drink menu does consist of over 80 exotic drinks. Many of the are originals.



Tiki Ti also has it’s own museum of tiki mugs displayed within the establishment.



If you desire to acquire some of the collectible mug sets from Tiki Ti, some are available at the bar. I believe some very rare mug sets were available for $200 which is a steal if you’re looking for a hard to find mug(s) from Tiki Ti.



That’s Mike Sr on the right of the entrance door.

Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue

850 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson, Az 85719

Open 10am to 3am

(520) 792-2350

Mama’s has 3 locations in the Tucson area. The location above is the one that I visited while in town checking out the Kon Tiki off Broadway.


While in town for an event at the well known Kon Tiki, I decided to try a new eatery that I had heard about from friends that have a son going to U of A. Since the place came highly recommended I was curious to give it a try.


Being familiar with a few information on Hawaii, I recognized the Reef Triggerfish (Hawaii’s State Fish) on the outside wall as I was entering.


Mama’s is conveniently located off Speedway and adjacent  to college apartments. This place was very popular among the Arizona crowd due to being so close to campus. The place was crawling with bikinis, board shorts when I first walked in.


The place resembled a well organized fast food joint but with Hawaiian flava.


Prices were reasonable and carried out in the island theme.


The menu had a full selection of island favorites to choose from. If any Polynesian students ever got an itch for home cookin this place would scratch it.


Mama’s was clean and organized.


The island theme was carried out throughout the restaurant and not over done with painted murals on the wall.


If you’re inkling for a taste of Mama’s but for some reason can’t get to one of their locations, they deliver.

Mama’s also caters starting at $6 per person.





I ordered the Combo Plate. The portions were plentiful. I’d say enough for two, that is unless you’re a big Kahuna or a college student with a case of the munchies.

The strips of chicken were moist and had a grilled flavor to it. The beef was just as good as the chicken. It was very moist, had a grilled flavor to it and had a well balanced marinated flavor to it. Ah, the shredded pork. I’m not big on pork but not against it either. It was slow cooked, just as moist as the other two meats, was tender and came with the same grilled flavor to it. The side of mac salad was fresh and perfectly seasoned. You could taste the onion, mayo and spices. I usually order brown rice because it is healthier but went with the white rice on this occasion. Like the rest of the meal choices, this didn’t disappoint. The white rice wasn’t sticky nor dry like you get in some restaurants. The white rice in this case was very nice!


1150 W. Magic Way, Anaheim, Ca. 92802,

(714) 778-6600

Open 11:30 AM – 1:30 AM

Trader Sam’s is located just off the Downtown Disney by the Disneyland Hotel.



You don’t need to visit the park to get here. Just follow the directions above if you aren’t already at the park. There’s a parking lot located just behind the eateries in Downtown Disney. Parking is free for the first 3 hours so that will give you time…unless you start having too much fun and loose track of time.


Just follow the signs and look for the tropical landscaping.

IMG_5793 IMG_5802

Decorated with props familiar in the park, Sam’s was inspired by the Jungle Cruise. Disney finally figured out that adults with kids need a vacation too! I had read that parents with kids would have to take turns watching the kids as minors weren’t allowed inside. I saw families seated at tables while I was there. I’ve also heard that the place fills up fast and that waiting times go up to 3 hours so plan accordingly. This Trader Sam’s was a beta for the Trader Sam’s that just opened at Walt Disney World in Florida.


I got there at noon in order to avoid the waiting.


Sam’s is decorated in the 30’s style. It’s not hard to see why the place fills up fast. Maximum occupancy is 49. Disney wanted to create an intimate setting.



With decorations all over the place it’s not hard to see why waiting times can get long…people are taking the place in while they unwind.



The lunch menu was short and seemed kinda of pricey. The drink menu was small with most drinks running around $10 to $14. I ordered the Krakatoa Punch with the Aztec souvenir mug. Shooting for the volcanic look, it was served with a light ice cube. The Krakatoa didn’t taste like punch but packed one.  After about 20 mins you’ll start getting back to your most wonderful place in the world.


I also ordered the Ahi Poke which is sushi grade Ahi, avocado, wasabi yuzu, sriracha aioli and wonton chips. The poke was smaller than I expected but was good. The Ahi was fresh and there was a hint of the sriracha with each bite.


Some of the libations with a variety of tiki mugs to choose from if you desired a collectible mug.


Retired tiki mugs from Disney along with a few others from other establishments.


There aren’t any windows in Sam’s but there are mirages (with water motion) to help you get to your own island state of mind….with the help of a few libations. Bowl drinks serve 2-3 people.


I didn’t know if the punch was making me hallucinate but I could swear that the eyes on the figurines on the beer taps started glowing. Also, if you choose to sit at the bar, don’t panic if you think your shrinking. The stools are hydraulic and lower at random.


Weren’t the natives on some of the lost islands in the 1930’s into the shrunken head thing? I think this rum is starting to soothe me a little too much. I’m out!

Frankies Tiki Room, 1712 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nv.,89102,  (702) 385-3110

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Open 24 hours…every day.

Frankie’s is a  must stop for anyone visiting Vegas that is into the retro lifestyle, tiki, collecting tiki mugs or just need a good ol buzz.


No windows guarantee what happens at Frankie’s stays Frankie’s.

IMG_5441 Lono, god of peace and prosperity greets patrons as they enter the establishment.


The interior of Frankie’s was built by Bamboo Ben. You are greeted at the entrance by a huge tiki carved by Crazy Al. There’s a replica tiki mug of the tiki…if you can get your hands on one.

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They have more rum than you can shake a stick at. Be careful of the menu though. All the concoctions are so potent that they’ll have you feeling it after just one drink. A second or third drink will have you asking someone else to feel it.

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You’ll find works of art by Doug Horne, Bosko, Big Toe and more throughout.

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Many  top low brow and tiki artist helped in creating the unique vibe found in Frankie’s. The tiki above is by Bosko.

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Once your eyes get acclimated to the darkness you’ll see that you’ve visited a rare find.

IMG_5464 IMG_5474

A Doug Horne print made especially for Frankie’s. Music in the jukebox ranges from exotica, to R&B, to surf to grind and garage.

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The “Vice Tester” was designed and built by Shag. The image on the right is by Big Toe.

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Check out to find out how Frankie’s has ties to Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. There’s always a nice selection of tiki mugs to choose from.


Frankie’s doesn’t serve food so if you get the munchies you can order grub from the fast food joint across the street.

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Sweets is a family owned business.

IMG_5150 IMG_5149

Words of appreciation from the younger generation. An image of the person who started it all…Aunt Sweet.


View of the front of the store.

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IMG_5146 IMG_5156

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Interior decorations veer from fast food dining and have a more relaxed feel. Looks like they have music set up for some nights.

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A selection of fresh lei’s are available for special occasions along with the menu.

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Simple layout with members of Aunt Sweet’s family working the kitchen and counter.

IMG_5135 IMG_5134 IMG_5133

Menu with down to earth prices.

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Teriyaki chicken, Kahlua pig, mac salad and coleslaw. Fijian Curry, mac salad and white rice.


Ribs with teriyaki noodles, pork and mac salad.

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More interior shots.

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