Tonga Hut

(760) 322-4449

254 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, Ca., 92262

Open Thursday-Sunday 4pm – 2am

The entrance stairs are on the south side of the building.

There are two Tonga Hut locations. The Original Tonga Hut is located in North Hollywood.



The Tonga Hut had a change in management and turned the location around. The exotic atmosphere pulls you in as soon as you walk up the stairs. The décor takes you back to the 50’s and 60’s. Classic tunes from the likes of Sinatra and island tunes from Martin Denny are streamed through the speakers welcoming patrons.


The bar décor leaves you wondering where they were able to find such decorations that were plentiful generations ago.


Terry, the bartender was friendly and competent.


Classic menu.


Clearer and more legible menu.


If it’s not being used, ask for a sneak peak into the secret room. It’s great for private gatherings with a small group of friends. There was a group of about 10 occupying the room when I visited.


I arrived too late for dinner as the kitchen had just closed so you’ll have to judge dinner for yourself. I glanced in the dining area anyway. The Maori wood mural that is visible from every table was phenomenal.

There are six dining tables. Each has a different theme on the wall that showcased previous well known eating establishments that existed in Palm Springs.



More fantastic Modernism artwork in the dining area.


Just outside of the bar is a dining patio. It too continues the fantastic decorum from times gone by.

An atlas done by artist Kirby.

Reverse view of the retro dining patio area.




The Tonga Hut also has Tiki Mugs and a few other collectible items available for sale. The are from local celebrity artist Shag.

And of course, the Tonga Hut has it’s own collector mug. On one side is the original Hollywood location at the bottom with lower case lettering. On the other side is the newer Palm Springs name at the bottom with Tonga Hut above.

More items available for sale by Shag in the display case.



Since I hit town too late to have dinner I asked Terry the bartender to hit me with something other than a mai tai. Terry served up my first ever Zombie. It was sweet, not strong as I had expected to be walking around have out of it from the name but it was good.


If you do have one too many or plan on walking like a zombie before you even get started there is a major hotel just across the street as seen from the dining patio.