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Viale America, 119 , Rome

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0721161657When it Rome…search for a tiki bar.

0717162103bWhile on vacation in Italy, I searched of a tiki bar, Polynesian themed restaurant or anything tiki. I knew that there were tiki bars popping up in France but hadn’t stumbled across any information on tiki establishments in Italy.

0721161656_HDRTiki Bar recently opened and appears to be a huge success! It’s not like the retro tiki bars or Polynesian eating establishments from the 1950’s and 60’s that we’ve come to expect in the United States. It seems to be more of a gastro pub!

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0717162032 - CopyI must admit, that when I first came across the Tiki Bar website that I wasn’t so sure  that I wanted to visit the establishment. My first impression was that it was a fancy restaurant with only a tiki name that I would have to dress in formal attire and be ready for an expensive price tag.


0717162032cOnce there, I was glad that I didn’t follow my first instinct to not go. The interior is done in a haute design but everyone is welcome. If you’re into tiki then you know that anything tiki is hard to come by outside of the States so the lack of tiki decorations …in Rome was understandable.

Lucky for me the owner of Tiki Bar just happened to be at the restaurant when I visited. He explained that had an artist friend create the Maori art piece pictured above. The New Zealand Maori design influence was also incorporated into the ceiling decor.

0717162102a Pulling up to the actual restaurant gave a completely different vibe than what I had expected. We arrived around 6pm on a Sunday evening. Unlike most eateries in the states on a Sunday evening , this place was packed! People were dressed in casual attire with an age ranging from 20 to 70 years.

0717162105 - CopyThe patio area had flat screen TV’s streaming  adrenaline videos containing surfing, skydiving, snow skiing, mountain biking etc. This gave a kind of active sports feeling and toned down the formal dining impression portrayed on their website.

0717162031a - CopyWe were also lucky enough to arrive during happy hour. The selection consisted of pastas, baked dishes, fried dishes and finger foods. It wasn’t Polynesian but was fresh, prepared well and tasted as well as it looked. As a bonus, the food was free with the purchase of a drink.

0717162033 - Copy(Our waitress in the middle with the owner Max to the right and other wait staff were intrigued by the Tiki Magazine that I had brought).

Being that tiki is pretty much nonexistent in Italy, I decided to take a copy of Tiki Magazine  with me. My intention was to pose with the magazine in front of restaurant, take a photo, send the image to Tiki Magazine with hopes of getting it included in the coming issue. Our waitress noticed that I had a magazine with the name Tiki showing. She inquisitively kept looking to see what I had in my hand. When we were seated and I laid it down on the table she immediately asked is she could see it.

I wondered if there was anything tiki about Tiki Bar other than the name and interior design. I didn’t see any Polynesian food items on the menu so I refrained from ordering any food. The patrons seated next to me did order from the food menu. What ever they ordered had the aroma of something very delicious.

I asked our waitress for the drink menus to see if the Tiki Bar could live up to it’s name.

0717162026 - Copy

Menu with rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila and cognac liquors.

Special Tiki drinks, wines, aperitifs, non alcoholic,  sodas, beers etc.

0717162050a - CopyThere were no mai tais, scorpions nor pain killers etc. that one would come to expect. However, there was a selection of Special Tiki Drinks on the menu. Time to dive into something new, Tiki, Italian style.

First up from the drink menu were the Tiki Special and Mango Sour. Both were surprisingly very well made.

The Tiki Special translated from what I could make out is made of Bacardi Gold rum, Bacardi White rum, a slice of passion fruit, lime juice, pineapple juice and Bitter Truth Chocolate. It was a perfect mixture of all the ingredients. It tasted as if lime and pineapple juices had just been freshly picked and squeezed. I’ve had my share of syrupy tasting drinks and this put them to shame. The slice of passion fruit tasted as if the bartender had also just pulled it from the tree and sliced it.

The Mango Sour translated from what I could make out is made of Pisco Porton, mango puree, sugar syrup, lime juice and pasteurized egg white. Again this was a well blended mixture of all the ingredients. And tastefully delightful.

0717162113a - CopyNext up was the Tangerine. It was constructed of White Bacardi Rum, lime juice and tangerine syrup. One sip of this and I could of sworn that it freshly made. It had a refreshing citrusy taste of tangerine. And just as the previous two libations, it was impressively delicious! I had to look over at the bartender to see if he had a selection of fresh fruits in front of him to work from.

07171621390717162139aI had tried the Moscow Mule stateside so I was experienced in what to expect. Since we were in a tiki bar I chose to stay with the tropical flavored drinks.

The Pineapple Mule was concocted with Sky Vodka, lime juice, pineapple juice, Bitter Truth Old Tom, a fresh slice of pineapple and Fever Tree Ginger Beer. A pinch of lime wasn’t on the menu description but was included as decoration.  This was not only pleasing to the eye but tasted as well as it looked. The bartenders were consistent with creating a well blended mixture of ingredients.

The Strawberry Julep consisted of vanilla syrup, lemon juice a pinch of mint and sliced strawberry. Wow! These drinks may have been made with syrup but didn’t have a syrup taste present like many drinks that I’ve had in the past. As previously mentioned, the Strawberry Julep was pleasing to the eye had a refreshing citrus taste that exceeded expectations.

If you were on your own utopian island, sitting on the beaches edge surrounded by crystal clear waters in every direction, these are the drinks that you would want while spending your days watching brilliant sunsets!

The Tiki Bar may not be on an island nor decorated with tropical décor as one would like . It doesn’t have a menu full of Polynesian cuisine to choose from, but what it does have is an excellent selection of gastro pub food, an impressive drink menu, friendly staff and fantastic service that welcome patrons from all parts of the world!

The Tiki Bar will be expanding in October in Rome to a second location named Tiki Maki. It will be a sushi fusion and cocktail establishment.

Grazi for reading.

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