Text: (602) 753-6504


Hours: Wednesday & Thursday 4pm to 12am

Friday & Saturday 4pm to 2am

Sunday 2pm to 10pm

Happy Hour: Wednesday to Friday 4pm to 7pm

Don’t look for a sign outside as you drive up to UnderTow because there isn’t one. What you’ll see instead is a sign for Sig coffee shop. UnderTow is located inside the Sip coffee shop on the North East corner of 36th Street and Indian School Rd. Look for a building that looks similar to a Jiffy Lube building… because it was.

The immediate view of the coffee shop from the front entrance looks like this. It will seem odd that there is a decorated outrigger hanging in the center of the shop. And being located in Arizona, like a mirage is slowly starting to appear before your eyes.



*The original hanging outrigger has been removed and replaced with a custom made canopy that takes voyagers below deck. Tropical foliage has been added to the Undertow sign.


Below the outrigger is what shivers me timbers!  This is also the view that you’ll see if entering from the rear patio and parking lot entrance. Imagine yourself about to go back in time. You are now in the 1840’s, on a sail ship about to go below to the ship’s hull.

On the left is the view at the bottom of the stairs.

As you imagine, prepare to be mesmerized by what you are about to see.

“All aboard the 19th century clipper ship with huge sails built to grab the wind for speed”.

Ladies and gentlemen, scallywags and wenches

Welome to UnderTow.

Below deck, light shining into the ship’s hull. Complete with image changing portholes.


Due to small occupancy size (30) you must go to the website and book a time to visit. I wasn’t too happy about that until I actually saw the ship’s hull. Generally guests are limited to 90 minutes. Sundays are open for walk-ins. As one of my friends stated, “90 minutes is more than enough time as the drinks are very potent”. I’ve been to UnderTow a couple of times now and have to agree that after indulging in the drinks, 90 is more than enough time to change your state of mind.

*The New Guinea mask has been removed and replaced with a custom graphic piece from Phoenix native Doug Horne. Doug grew up in the neighborhood of where the Undertow is located. This is a rendering of his take on the Undertow.


The co-founders had an architect design the interior. If you look closely at pic above, the ceiling has a slight bend such as you’d see on a ship. Some call UnderTow a speak easy, some say they like the limited seating because it lends itself to close intimate setting, while others have said that with it’s ambiance it is similar to what you’d expect from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. I agree with all the above . Not only that, but it comes complete with animatronics such as lightening flashes, complete with the sounds of cracking thunder and creaking noises you’d expect to hear from a ship that size. You almost feel like swaying side to side when you hear the creaking sounds. This is something you’d expect to see in Florida due to it’s proximity to the Caribbean. When the sound affects aren’t playing, tunes from artists such as Martin Denny fill the air.


For you scurvy dawgs with a hankerin for some vittles, the UnderTow doesn’t serve food. However, there is rumor that a small appetizer menu may be in the works.

James and Marshell Claycomb (pictured left) are frequent patrons to the hulls down below and members of Tiki AZ. As a member of the Tiki AZ facebook group in Phoenix myself, I am proud to reiterate what Melanie Wetmore, a fellow Tiki AZ group member stated. “This is the tiki bar that true tiki fans have been waiting for. The drinks are actually drinks and are exceptional, despite the price. The décor  makes you really feel like you are stowaway in the hull of a ship. The bartenders are knowledgeable and willing to talk to people who are truly interested in their craft and background”.

To the left is one of the bartenders working her magic while you enjoy your journey upon the clipper. I started of with a Zombie (pictured above). UnderTow is gaining a reputation for having strong drinks. The Zombie was no let down. After one drink, the mysterious clipper ship started to work it’s magic on me.

UnderTow has a nice selection of libations to choose from, 36 to be exact! Half the menu consists of original creations while the other half consists of classic drinks from the 50’s and 60’s. Towards the front are the creations that the two owners concocted.

The UnderTow drink menu and story: It has been updated already as the menu in the bar differs a little bit.


        I could’ve sworn that when I looked out window before we were in ship’s dock, now I’m seeing volcanic lava flow into the ocean. The clippers windows have been updated since the original writing. The owners of Undertow hired an animatronics engineer from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The windows now display a video of the Undertow departing from a dock after some of the ships occupants have performed unruly deeds while on dry land. The clipper attempts to leave port only to find that it’s quickly being chased by local authorities. A chase ensues and soon a battle erupts as the maneuvering ships exchange fire.


Hand carved octopus on the end of a rum barrel.


The UnderTow drink menu pictured left. Choose at your own risk and be prepared for the voyage ahead matey. Pictured in the middle is one of the originals, a Bridge of Two Cultures. It’s a blend of coconut infused dark rum, pineapple rum, German bitters, pineapple & lime. Oh the pirates never had it so good!

On the right is a Jaguar.  It’s made from a blend of Aged Jamaican Rum, Mente de Cognac, Orange liqueur, gin, port crème de Cacao, sparkling wine… enough explaining the ingredients!  Just taste it you scallywag!                                            







    Diana Ross must’ve ventured to Bali Hai, had one too many and sang her ass off because the the above right is named ” Ain’t no Bali Hai Enough”. This Bali Hi inspired cocktail mixes coconut cream, local cold brew, Blanche Cognac, Italian Amaro, pineapple & acid phosphate.

The spirit on the right was appropriately named “Jet Pilot”, I had already had a smooth takeoff. This drink took me to a higher altitude and it was smooth sailin from there. It is made with Gold Puerto Rican Rum, Overproof Aged Jamaican Rum, Overproof Guyana Rum, cinnamon, lime, grapefruit & UnderTow Tiki Bitters.

The UnderTow is the result of co-founders Jason Ashner and Rich Furnari. Both have impressive backgrounds in the valley’s bartending and restaurant scene. The bartenders are skilled in their craft, courteous and entertaining to watch as they create the libations for their passengers. On behalf of all who have already taken the voyage upon UnderTow and for those that have yet to board her majesty, we thank you for this fantastic voyage. You have done the service industry proud.