Frankies Tiki Room, 1712 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, Nv.,89102,  (702) 385-3110

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Open 24 hours…every day.

Frankie’s is a  must stop for anyone visiting Vegas that is into the retro lifestyle, tiki, collecting tiki mugs or just need a good ol buzz.


No windows guarantee what happens at Frankie’s stays Frankie’s.

IMG_5441 Lono, god of peace and prosperity greets patrons as they enter the establishment.


The interior of Frankie’s was built by Bamboo Ben. You are greeted at the entrance by a huge tiki carved by Crazy Al. There’s a replica tiki mug of the tiki…if you can get your hands on one.

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They have more rum than you can shake a stick at. Be careful of the menu though. All the concoctions are so potent that they’ll have you feeling it after just one drink. A second or third drink will have you asking someone else to feel it.

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You’ll find works of art by Doug Horne, Bosko, Big Toe and more throughout.

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Many  top low brow and tiki artist helped in creating the unique vibe found in Frankie’s. The tiki above is by Bosko.

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Once your eyes get acclimated to the darkness you’ll see that you’ve visited a rare find.

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A Doug Horne print made especially for Frankie’s. Music in the jukebox ranges from exotica, to R&B, to surf to grind and garage.

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The “Vice Tester” was designed and built by Shag. The image on the right is by Big Toe.

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Check out to find out how Frankie’s has ties to Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. There’s always a nice selection of tiki mugs to choose from.


Frankie’s doesn’t serve food so if you get the munchies you can order grub from the fast food joint across the street.