Mama’s Hawaiian Bar-B-Cue

850 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson, Az 85719

Open 10am to 3am

(520) 792-2350

Mama’s has 3 locations in the Tucson area. The location above is the one that I visited while in town checking out the Kon Tiki off Broadway.


While in town for an event at the well known Kon Tiki, I decided to try a new eatery that I had heard about from friends that have a son going to U of A. Since the place came highly recommended I was curious to give it a try.


Being familiar with a few information on Hawaii, I recognized the Reef Triggerfish (Hawaii’s State Fish) on the outside wall as I was entering.


Mama’s is conveniently located off Speedway and adjacent  to college apartments. This place was very popular among the Arizona crowd due to being so close to campus. The place was crawling with bikinis, board shorts when I first walked in.


The place resembled a well organized fast food joint but with Hawaiian flava.


Prices were reasonable and carried out in the island theme.


The menu had a full selection of island favorites to choose from. If any Polynesian students ever got an itch for home cookin this place would scratch it.


Mama’s was clean and organized.


The island theme was carried out throughout the restaurant and not over done with painted murals on the wall.


If you’re inkling for a taste of Mama’s but for some reason can’t get to one of their locations, they deliver.

Mama’s also caters starting at $6 per person.





I ordered the Combo Plate. The portions were plentiful. I’d say enough for two, that is unless you’re a big Kahuna or a college student with a case of the munchies.

The strips of chicken were moist and had a grilled flavor to it. The beef was just as good as the chicken. It was very moist, had a grilled flavor to it and had a well balanced marinated flavor to it. Ah, the shredded pork. I’m not big on pork but not against it either. It was slow cooked, just as moist as the other two meats, was tender and came with the same grilled flavor to it. The side of mac salad was fresh and perfectly seasoned. You could taste the onion, mayo and spices. I usually order brown rice because it is healthier but went with the white rice on this occasion. Like the rest of the meal choices, this didn’t disappoint. The white rice wasn’t sticky nor dry like you get in some restaurants. The white rice in this case was very nice!