1150 W. Magic Way, Anaheim, Ca. 92802,

(714) 778-6600

Open 11:30 AM – 1:30 AM

Trader Sam’s is located just off the Downtown Disney by the Disneyland Hotel.



You don’t need to visit the park to get here. Just follow the directions above if you aren’t already at the park. There’s a parking lot located just behind the eateries in Downtown Disney. Parking is free for the first 3 hours so that will give you time…unless you start having too much fun and loose track of time.


Just follow the signs and look for the tropical landscaping.

IMG_5793 IMG_5802

Decorated with props familiar in the park, Sam’s was inspired by the Jungle Cruise. Disney finally figured out that adults with kids need a vacation too! I had read that parents with kids would have to take turns watching the kids as minors weren’t allowed inside. I saw families seated at tables while I was there. I’ve also heard that the place fills up fast and that waiting times go up to 3 hours so plan accordingly. This Trader Sam’s was a beta for the Trader Sam’s that just opened at Walt Disney World in Florida.


I got there at noon in order to avoid the waiting.


Sam’s is decorated in the 30’s style. It’s not hard to see why the place fills up fast. Maximum occupancy is 49. Disney wanted to create an intimate setting.



With decorations all over the place it’s not hard to see why waiting times can get long…people are taking the place in while they unwind.



The lunch menu was short and seemed kinda of pricey. The drink menu was small with most drinks running around $10 to $14. I ordered the Krakatoa Punch with the Aztec souvenir mug. Shooting for the volcanic look, it was served with a light ice cube. The Krakatoa didn’t taste like punch but packed one.  After about 20 mins you’ll start getting back to your most wonderful place in the world.



I also ordered the Ahi Poke which is sushi grade Ahi, avocado, wasabi yuzu, sriracha aioli and wonton chips. The poke was smaller than I expected but was good. The Ahi was fresh and there was a hint of the sriracha with each bite.


Some of the libations with a variety of tiki mugs to choose from if you desired a collectible mug.


Retired tiki mugs from Disney along with a few others from other establishments.


There aren’t any windows in Sam’s but there are mirages (with water motion) to help you get to your own island state of mind….with the help of a few libations. Bowl drinks serve 2-3 people.


I didn’t know if the punch was making me hallucinate but I could swear that the eyes on the figurines on the beer taps started glowing. Also, if you choose to sit at the bar, don’t panic if you think your shrinking. The stools are hydraulic and lower at random.


Weren’t the natives on some of the lost islands in the 1930’s into the shrunken head thing? I think this rum is starting to soothe me a little too much. I’m out!