Bootlegger  Tiki

(760) 318-4154

1101  N. Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs Ca., 92262

Open daily at 4pm

The Bootlegger is a fairly new bar in the Palm Springs scene. For the tiki historians, this is the location of the original Don the Beachcomer in Palm Springs. Although it has tiki in it’s name in addition to two tikis at the side entrance it is known as more of a speak easy bar. The Bootlegger has two entrances. You could enter through Ernest Coffee or through a side door. Since I arrived past midnight on a Sunday night, I entered through the side. To the right of the side entrance is an outdoor patio that I noticed was full.

First impressions upon entering is that this is a very small yet popular watering hole. Seating capacity is 20-30. Instead of hearing classic 60’s or a tiki music playing, there was head boppin funky grooves from the 7o’s and hip hop setting the mood.  The crowd was eclectic and feelin the vibe as I noticed bodies movin to the music.

The Bootlegger doesn’t have a kitchen but serves snacks. The Bootlegger serves the traditional Mai Kai, Blue Hawaiian and Painkiller but is known more for their own original concoctions. Expect to find such island getaways as the Pod Thai, Poison Dart and Jasper’s Jamaican to name a few. The bartender was friendly and informative.




I decided to pay tribute to the 70’s by ordering a (straw) Barry White. It was smooth and tasty. If your looking for a collector mug to snag, don’t get too excited. The Bootlegger doesn’t have any establishment mugs. Upon opening, they asked patrons to donate mugs so that they would have a variety / eclectic group of mugs to serve there drinks in. Much like the crowd.


As the spirits from your drinks start to work it’s way into your system, the funk in your ears start groovin and the tiki ambience begins to feel cozy, you begin to realize that even though it is a different eclectic mix, everything actually works together.